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Attempt 2. =____= First time I tried to write this out, I had a sudden surge of derp and I lost everything that I had been writing, so I shall try to cut out the unnecessary crap and get on with it. (I had been writing a lot too! The scrolling bar had appeared and everything! -glooms- )

Firstly, I'm alive and very healthy. (Ignoring my weird teeth with Skippy the Wisdom Tooth, and two, well one cavity, and one 'precavity'.) I have been drawing and sketching and whatnot, but I'm both lazy and merciless in terms of what I want to see posted here. I'm terrible.

I've been on a nerd streak, I guess could be said of what this is. Homestuck, Star Wars, and World Of Darkness to be specific about what I've been geeking over.

As far as Homestuck is concerned, I haven't read it, but I do have a trio of trolls under my belt. Now, before anyone goes and gets in a tizzy, I am informed and hold a decent understanding of what has been going on. If I have any questions, I consult the Wiki or bring my questions to my sisters, Myr-Lu and FrouFrou-chan, who have read it from the beginning. So far that has served me plenty well. My trio of trolls to go along with both of my sisters' trios are, Potnia Theron, my first and most developed troll. She's a teal blood and I quite enjoy her. My other two are more recent, along the lines of a month plus I would have to guess. A slightly younger female green blood with a green thumb who doesn't yet have a last name, Neroli; and a blinded Indigo blooded male who, as opposed to the little miss, is lacking in first name, but has a last name, ______ Munrab. The both of are shaping up to be quite fun and I am still working on getting them up to snuff. <D

Now, Star Wars has apparently pervaded into my subconscious as I have had a couple of dreams in the Star Wars universe with recognized races both making an appearance. One dream, the older of the two, is more cemented in my memory than the newer, but both were pleasing as far as I can recall. The hazy recent dream involved one or several Twi'leks…. The older was far more detailed. I was either a third person observer or I was in first person view. I can't really recall if I was identifying as 'I' in thought or 'she'. Maybe it alternated. In the dream, I was a Witch of Dathomir, perhaps even a Nightsister, and had selected a small group of Dathomiri Zabrak males to undergo the Selection, a ritual series of tests in which the witches claimed servants and mates from the tribal heads, possibly Nightbrothers if I was indeed a Nightsister. The tests are brutal and usually the last one standing/alive is deemed suitable as a mate/slave/champion whatever. =w=; There was no hanky-panky, but there was some pretty choice fight scenes. (Nothing too gory. I find my dreams aren't really gory at all. Usually just action packed.) As a background, the females are the dominant ones on Dathomir, but there are a few clans that allows the males and females to be something more akin to equals. Mm-hm. Star Wars: The Clone Wars and my regular perusing of Wookieepedia probably hasn't helped my case. XD;;;


Most recently I have had a growing interest in White Wolf's WoD roleplaying game 'Promethean: The Created'. It just seems so incredibly intriguing. It ties together quite a few items of interest for me, like mythology, literature, alchemy, roleplaying, and I could go on and on. It touches on the ancient/medieval belief of 'humours', affecting each Lineage, and thus the Prometheans therein, differently and profoundly. There is so much room for variety and character growth that it seems far too delicious to pass up. I've been hitting the White Wolf wiki, doing a good bit of reading up, and everything I have been reading has been piquing my interest more and more! Hell, I've been mulling over sketching up bare bones character ideas. XD; My muse, she is fickle but insistent.

It wouldn't be my first foray into the World of Darkness. I have a majority of the books for its roleplaying game 'Changeling: The Lost', which is a great game on its own. <3

Also, I may have some Hippocampi pics popping up soon. I won an adoptable and there are a few little doodles that I ought to get up for my new mare 'Pearl'. ;3

Enough updating. I think it's getting long again. Ending now before my derp strikes again.
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...And I wondered why...
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